Point Caravan Resort

Swim Eat   Let your inner child free and explore the Paddle Pool in front of the renown Delfinos & Kingfisher Restaurant!

"The latest addition to the pool of attractions is undoubtedly the Mossel Bay Zipline which drew crowds from around the world" This is the largest land-over-sea Zipline in the world! Click below to follow them on social media & be sure to book to avoid disappointment!
The Point Caravan Resort is surrounded by a great selection of top restaurants & mobile food outlets, gift shops, hotels & coctail bars such as Big Blue where the Mossel Bay Zipline is launched!

The iconic Point is a Surfers Meca for pro-surfers from around the globe! Make your around the tip and try your hand at Putt-Putt ~ cool down in the 'sloep' before you take on the Diaz Trail or Caves, making your way back to the Shark-Lab Aquarium and topping off the day with a cool refreshing coctail at Ponto Grille & Carvery.

Other attractions worth researching more is the War Memorial and of course the towns Museum where you can learn more about our rich history!

There is never a dull moment, with each day offering another picture perfect photo opportunity for avid photographers.
Mossel Bay Zipline